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AI Engineer

Job description

The Company

Atheneum is a global platform revolutionizing market research & knowledge sharing across the business community. Our mission is to accelerate the decision-making of our clients by connecting them to the world’s top professionals and industry leaders. We deliver interactions that generate intelligent insights & creative ideas ensuring our clients can drive their business forward efficiently.

Founded in 2010, Atheneum currently employs 400 professionals in 10 global offices and is rapidly growing as one of the world’s leading global insight platforms to strategy consulting firms, investment houses & global corporations.

The Opportunity

You will research, develop and monitor the AI/ML applications that run within Atheneum. You will interact with the other development and data teams, and the stakeholders that use the solutions created by the AI/ML team on a daily basis.

You will operate between specific endpoints and create applications that are clearly defined in scope, function and implementation. You will improve your work and the efficiency of the applications incrementally, rapidly adapting to change.

You will contribute actively to the development of new solutions and the improvement of the existing applications, rising the awareness and understanding of AI/ML of the company at every level.

You will perform experiments, document and validate applications in real-life scenarios as part of the journey from whiteboard to code. You will publish whitepapers and engage with the AI/ML global community at conferences and events.

You will work as part of a team of AI domain experts from NLP to symbolic cognitive architectures, adding your specific knowledge and experiences. You will create new SOTA models and adapt robust solutions to the particular needs of company.

Job requirements

Quantifiable, observable and explainable proof-of-work in the field of AI/ML using python (code and notebooks), R and JavaScript.

A realistic mindset towards the study, research, design and the exploration of new ideas.

Hands-on experience on AI/ML applications outside published research.

Confidence in all concepts of Data Science, Machine and Deep Learning.

Familiarity with the AWS data ecosystem, specifically Glue and Lambda, and SQL.

Functional understanding of the common tools, formats and languages such as Jira, Git, Dockers, Kubernetes, Anaconda, JSON, ION, Pickle, Yaml, etc

The ability of explaining to a profane audience the differences between a knowledge-based system and a programmed algorithm (Answer it in your cover letter).


STEM higher education (and research), in fields such as Information science, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Statistics, etc.

Experience with R and Matlab and other computational tools for exploratory experimentation, validation and hypothesis testing.

NLP Concepts:

• Corpus extraction and exploration

• Document-text matrix by Count Vectorization.

• DataFrames

• Sentence Tokenization

• Word counts EDA

• Sentiment Analysis

• Keyphrase extraction

• Entity recognition

• NERe

• Topic Modelling

• Text generation and bag of words modelling

Libraries and toolkits:

• NLP ROLE: Pandas, SkLearn, re, matplotlib, nltk, textBlob, BeautifulSoup, Pickle, Word2vec (tensorflow, pyspark, gensim), GloVe, fastText, ELMo, wordcloud.

What we offer:

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Partially refunded lunches

Urban Sports Club discount

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