General Manager - Lahore Office

  • Lahore, Pakistan

General Manager - Lahore Office

Job description

Who we are

Atheneum is a leading global insights platform servicing various clients, including distinguished strategy consulting firms, renowned investment houses and well-known global corporations.

Our mission is to provide faster insights to empower our clients’ decision-making. Through our AI capabilities, we accelerate our clients’ decision-making by connecting them to the world's top professionals and industry leaders.

Atheneum is growing rapidly, with 500+ professionals in 11 offices across the US, South America, EMEA and the APAC regions.

What we do

Our company is built around a Research-as-a-Service model, offering clients a comprehensive package of services from in-depth interviews to surveys to bespoke knowledge sourcing and expert-backed research. We specialise in providing information that caters to world-leading Consultancies and within the field of Life Sciences.

We are supported by our enterprise technology that enables rapid exchanges of knowledge, unlocking transformational insights to inform business strategy and enabling companies to access more accurate information more quickly. Atheneum is committed to driving our next growth phase through innovation; as such, we have developed new products that scale knowledge creation and maximise our employee’s efficiency.

Additional information

  • Our clients: we work with the top consultancies, investment houses & global corporations across all industries.
  • Our experts: our database contains over 2 million industry experts across 5000 specialties and 130+ countries.
  • Our SEEDS values: Sustainability; Entrepreneurship; Excellence; Diversity; Supportive Spirit

Key Skills Responsibilities

  • Hands-on leadership of the Lahore office with a combination of on-the-ground implementation of the broader business goals and a critical role in partnering with the global leadership team to represent the local perspective and discuss strategy for the future.
  • Developing and ensuring a seamless function of all the teams within the Lahore office through people management, personal compliance checks for all office systems and general coordination of the senior stakeholders within the teams
  • Profit and Loss Management with accountability for the office’s performance through frequent collaboration with the Finance team and regular monitoring of key metrics, keeping the business’s overarching goals to be profitable and sustainable in its growth.
  • Inspiring and motivating the entire team and ensuring employees are engaged and set up for success. Monitoring office morale and performance through measurable implementations in performance reviews, through coaching, and conversations about future growth and developing the tools given to managers to gauge morale and success within their teams.
  • Risk mitigation within the context of the offshore location. Identifying risks, implementing risk management strategies, and ensuring legal, ethical, and regulatory compliance.
  • Becoming the face of the Lahore office on the international stage – an approachable member of the team whom people feel comfortable and empowered to share their genuine concerns with, with an ability to effectively articulate concerns and ideas from Lahore in a measured and circumspect manner when reporting back to management.
  • Providing regular general updates to the senior team about performance, challenges and opportunities and coordinating with other international leaders to ensure a collaborative and aligned effort with global projects and tasks.
  • Effectively engaging with external stakeholders as the main point of contact for Lahore
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as requested by the Executive team

Job requirements

Key Skills & Experience

  • International leadership skills, with experience working or studying abroad in an entrepreneurial or educational environment and understanding the nuances of working culture, specifically within Pakistan.
  • Extensive people and project management experience, coupled with experience and a desire to work in a fast-paced and hands-on environment juggling various tasks.
  • An in-depth understanding of commercial environments and their processes, including reporting, assessing standards and regulations, and suggesting, implementing, and managing changes.
  • Having a clear toolkit, points of reference and terminology to quickly assess and evaluate needs proactively, in line with the local and international needs, standards and legal protocols.
  • International Matrix organisation and strategy experience, demonstrable through evidence of having analysed and tracked data at a high level and having presented to senior leaders clearly and concisely.
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills, with the ability to build strong rapport across all business levels and persuade leaders through a charismatic and logical approach, demonstrated through prior examples of having successfully collaborated with stakeholders from different internal departments in joint initiatives.
  • A realistic and ambitious attitude towards driving change with an instinct for assessing where to be pragmatic and where to be bold when suggesting new initiatives based on a wealth of key examples of success and failure in previous roles.
  • Ideally: Someone with experience working in a medium to a large company with an understanding of the complexities of a fast-growing tech-enabled business

Here at Atheneum, diversity and inclusion are not just part of our culture but are ingrained in our DNA. We do not discriminate in any way when assessing applications.