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Tech Evangelist

Job description

The Company
Atheneum is a global platform revolutionizing market research & knowledge sharing across the business community. Our mission is to accelerate the decision making of our clients by connecting them to the world’s top professionals and industry leaders. We deliver interactions that generate intelligent insights & creative ideas ensuring our clients can drive their business forward efficiently.
Founded in 2010, Atheneum currently employs around 450+ professionals in ten global offices and is rapidly growing as one of the world’s leading global insight platform to strategy consulting firms, investment houses & global corporations.

Profiles we are seeking

The Tech Evangelists build awareness, understanding of the product as well as the underlying technologies and improve adoption through a multifaceted approach e.g. via trainings, talks, videos, articles, user demonstrations, manuals and the creation of a learning culture and environment. They find effective and innovative ways to achieve broad reach to influence users at scale.

Your passion for the benefits of our technology and AI/ML services in the hands of our users fuels the communication strategy, the design and implementation of which being your principal concern. It inspires fascination, curiosity and helps overcome resistance-to-change.

Your focus will be supporting internal stakeholders and users who work with the product on a daily basis by providing all the necessary materials, organizing and recording trainings, creating tutorials, present newly released features and organize outlets such as the Tech Town Halls.

To be effective in this role the willingness to understand – in depth – the way the users operate the technology and how the processes of the business run is a must, as only this will lend the necessary credence to the communication and ensure lasting impact on the adoption rate.

Finally, you will also play a vital role in channeling the resulting feedback to the Analytic Wing to influence product design and generating new, exciting topics to spread to the users in the next iteration cycle.

About the team

The interdisciplinary Digitalization team, responsible for all in-house built technology and associated business processes in Atheneum worldwide, consists of analysts, process managers, UX specialists, developers of several specializations, QA and stakeholder managers, that form a joint unit for delivering state-of-the-art solutions to meet the challenges of our global internal community of users across the whole organization and all departments, as well as our external partners.

The team structure is kept intentionally flat, the decision culture is highly meritocratic and processes are designed to be red-tape-free. While everyone has their specializations, we encourage a generalist mindset and foster tight collaboration between the different disciplines within the team, as well as external stakeholders and users.

Some of the things you'll be doing

  • Generating amazing and original thought-leadership-style communication, including writing articles and creating presentations, and recordings
  • Creating compelling demos to illustrate captivating uses of Atheneum platform and help new users onboarding .
  • Delivering high impact presentations of the new features for Tech Town Halls and other outlets
  • Providing input to Product Management and Development for product roadmap and use cases, as well as feedback on released features.
  • Helping with the Platform Support , creating FAQs content
  • Work closely and maintain healthy relationships with stakeholders and users

Job requirements


  • Excellent, expressive and convincing communication skills in the English language (native/ near-native) in written and spoken word, as well as effective visualizations
  • Ability to translate complex technological information into understandable and digestible information
  • Strong technological aptitude
  • Strong collaborative and interpersonal Skills. Can work across broad teams seamlessly.
  • Charismatic and extroverted personality, mixed with a passion to educate and spread knowledge

Bonus Points

  • Background in cognitive psychology, learning and recall, active memory properties, or associated fields such as Journalism, Teaching, etc.
  • Specific experience and track record in technical evangelism
  • Strong technical skills and experience across a broad base of technologies and familiarity with AI
  • Experience in software development environments